Sinus Infection Prevention and Faster Healing

Photo property of NYC Sinus Surgery

I'm so sick of getting sinus infections.  Two so far this year, one that required THREE courses of antibiotics to get rid of!  So I'm out to try to prevent them and treat them early.  So far this is what I've discovered.
Try to avoid Smoke (cigarette, fireplace, etc)

Avoid dry air (especially cool dry air)

Avoid cleaning products (natural alternatives like vinegar and essential oils are amazing)

Shorten long periods in the pool or other chlorinated waters

Avoid diving as it forces pressure and other "ickies" into the sinuses

Keep humidity at 35-45%

Wash hands frequently

Dust and Vacuum regularly

Maintain a strong immune system

Do you think you are already getting a sinus infection?
Push yourself to drink more water and hot liquids (but limit coffee and black tea)

Sinus rinse (My ENT recommended the NeilMed Sinus Rinse, NOT a netipot, and ONLY use DISTILLED water)

Apply warm moist heat

Aromatherapy and/or steam bath

Eat spicy food to clean out those sinuses (Like wasabi and horseradish)

Eliminate dust

Elevate your head when sleeping by using more pillows or simply putting a few bricks under the top of your mattress

Leave me a comment with your favorite way to combat the sinus crud.


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