PURE Energy Shots by Le-Vel

First of, let me introduce you to the newest member of the Pickles & Peppers team, Fallon.  Fallon is a rare disease mom and advocate.  She will be posting on PnP and helping keep me active on here as well.  She's good at keeping me motivated, but more on that later as well. 

Recently I started using Thrive by Le-Vel again.  Three years ago I was so happy with the energy it gave me.  Right now I'm happy it's keeping me awake, because of the pain I've been experiencing with my back.  Update on that later.  This is a GIVEAWAY post, so let's get down to the details shall we?

PURE is 
* Pure Energy
* Pure Focus
* Pure Stamina
* Zero Calories
* Zero Sugar

It is made from vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and more.  It supports a healthy lifestyle and comes in 2 delicious flavors: Cherry Limeade and Blackberry Watermelon.  You can use this as an energy shot/energy drink replacement. 

Enter in the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a box of PURE.

*For any questions or concerns please


  1. I need PURE energy because I have 2 boys at home who run cirxles around me!

  2. After having a hysterectomy a few weeks ago.... and moving into our first home, I need all of the energy I can get! lol This stuff sounds awesome!

  3. My husband just deployed to a very stressful area where we have very Limited communication and high amounts of stress. I used PURE when we were packing the house to move and now I especially need it to get back on my feet after he has left. It’s my little SOS button that delivers me that extra push!

  4. PURE Lifestyle Shots are needed for the energy for my body.

  5. Would absolutely love to try this. I am always running low on energy after keeping up with my 8 year old.

  6. More energy is what I need most.

  7. I work nights and am on the run most of the day

  8. I had the gastric bypass surgery and it is hard to get all my needed vitamins in a day.So, this would really help.

  9. Need energy been hard could years just need to snap out of it and get moving

  10. I need these energy shots for my long work days. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I need some extra energy. Thank you

  12. i sure could use extra energy to keep me goin threw the day


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